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I’m a woman who grew up on a staple of tomato soup with little macaroni pieces, Sunday morning Church, and homeschool theater co-ops. 

To say the grown version of myself is wildly different would be an understatement. 

After spending most my life moving every few years and realizing that who I was surrounded by kept me quiet, meek, and shaped perfectly into a very specific narrative–I realized things needed to change. Before I knew what was happening, a catalyst threw my world into a frenzy and reshaped every meticulous detail about who I was in my soul. 

It’s because of this shift–this transformation–that I’ve found myself craving the need to connect and build brands with others through words. 

Now, I’m living my dream life writing authentic, transcendent stories and helping others craft the sales copy necessary to speak their truth as well. 

Surrounded by 3 little kitties, my partner and my daughter, I reside in the Pacific Northwest. (Still munching on that tomato soup and singing around the house like a theater kid.) 

nice to meet you!

I'm liza james

the inside scoop

i wrote my first book:

When I was 9

i have a:

tripod kitty named Luna

I live for:

Adult coloring books

bet ya didn't know:

I lived in Guam for 3 years

It all happens for a reason

Born right in Portland, OR. 


Ran full stop through publishing 8 books over the next 3 years. 



Realized life was much bigger than the small space I had been in. Cue–transformational pivot. Began writing again.


Writing non-stop in my spare time while immediately tossing pages and pages worth of stories. 

The launch of Copywrite Collective. 



The Age of Social Media and Content Writing

Social Media and Content writing are becoming more important than ever. It’s no secret that the algorithm is always changing, but what can feel even more elusive is how your audience craves to connect with you. 

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You’ll find me either diving into my latest read or snuggling my tripod kitty–Luna–during my spare time. Otherwise, I’m busy behind my rose-gold lap top, typing away with copy or my next sapphic story! 



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I'm Liza!

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